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Historic Westbank Association

About Our Association


Our goal

is to preserve the historical significance of our town. It was once the passion of our ancestors as they forged out a home in what became known to all of us as the town of  Westbank. It was their hard work and determination to build a town where they could grow crops for food and provide for their families.

Many of us have lived in Westbank since we were young children and some of us had parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents who were among the pioneers who developed this town that we all hold so dear. It is our desire to preserve this inheritance and to stand up and protect this town and it's name in their honour.

Please take time to explore this site and understand where our values come from and help us protect this area that we call home.

Our concern

Since the formation of the District of West Kelowna the "town" of Westbank, in our opinion, is being overlooked. The District of West Kelowna is forcing a mailing address upon us who reside in the V4T postal area. Other agencies such as the Canada Passport Office will recognize Westbank in our address but the District of West Kelowna will not and even have gone as far as to refuse to channge our address back to Westbank on their billing for such things as garbage pickup.

Please take the time to read some of the articles and information we have provided on this site and help us to preserve the town of  Westbank.


Attention Westbank Businesses

Important Information


Do you know the many benefits of advertising your business using the Westbank address?

For more information check out our business brochure for more details.

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Learn More About Westbank


Check out the Westbank History Sketches by Gordon H. Ficke for more history of Westbank.